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After a tumultuous year, will November see Immigration again take centre stage in discussions on world events? With frequent terrorist atrocities, record numbers of migrants arriving on Europe’s shores and the EU free movement of persons start to see its first cracks after Brexit, 2016 is heading into the records books as a defining year on Immigration for the global economy.

After returning from Mexico earlier in the week, Donald Trump, the Republican Presidential Candidate, gave a speech in Phoenix, Arizona on 31 August 2016, stating that instead of giving a Rally address, Trump was going to give a detailed policy address on illegal and legal immigration.

To see the speech in full, please visit: Donald Trump Immigration Speech: Phoenix, AZ – 31 Aug 2016

“Our Immigration system is worse than anything” said Trump. “While there are many illegal immigrants in our country, is it 11 million? – it’s a number which has been bounded around for years – the Government has no idea – it could be 3 million, it could be 30 million” said the Republican nominee, outlining a taste of Immigration into the United States of America, should a Trump Administration be inaugurated in January 2017 after victory in November.

So, what are the Trump Immigration Policy initiatives?

  1. The United States of America will build a “Great Wall” across the Southern Border. Mexico will pay for the wall.
  2. End “Catch and Release”. The US Government will deport any illegal immigrants found in the United States and detain said individuals immediately.
  3. Zero tolerance for “Criminal Aliens” (illegal and legal) in the United States of America. Immediate deportation for any of those with a Criminal background.
  4. Creation of a “Special Deportation Force” focused on removing immigrants arrested (not convicted) for crimes, which includes the recruitment of 5000 new Border Patrol Officers.
  5. Repealing a number of Executive Orders, cutting off any path to citizenship for illegal immigrants and those seeking legal status must return to their own countries first.
  6. Suspending the issuance of Visas from countries where adequate screening is unable to occur. Introducing “Extreme Vetting” of immigrants to make sure they adhere to American values.
  7. Adopting tough sanctions on individuals who overstay their visas, requiring those to be deported immediately. Ensuring that all Countries take ‘their’ people back after a deportation request is made.
  8. Finalising the Biometric Entry / Exit Visa tracking system for all Visa applicants to the United States of America.
  9. Restricting legal immigration numbers and establishing Immigration caps/limits.
  10. Reforming legal immigration to serve American workers and American interests, along with applying sanctions on Companies that produce goods overseas for sale in the United States of America.

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