We are experts in UK, Singapore and Global immigration matters.

Migration and Visa Services

If you are an individual seeking expert assistance for you or your family to enter or remain in the UK, Baxters International can help provide specialist advice on all aspects of UK immigration law and can assist you in navigating and understanding the Points Based Tier System. Working with our team of qualified lawyers we will ensure that you are fully prepared and in so doing, ensure that your application has the best possible chance of success.

Investors and Entrepreneurs

If you are hoping to invest in or set up a business in the UK,  Baxters International will assist  you in understanding all the options available. High net worth individuals looking to take up residence in the UK for business or personal reasons are faced with the choice of applying for the Tier 1 (Investor) Visa or the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visa. Baxters International immigration lawyers have the expert knowledge to help you decide the best route to take and can provide the legal advice and guidance required to navigate an often complex application process.

Business Consultancy

As the world becomes increasingly connected, borders between countries are more navigable so our services are not just limited to the individual and families. Working with multi-jurisdictional practioners we provide corporate relocation services that include expert guidance throughout every step of the way from incorporation of your business, recruitment of local workers to fulfil local requirements, sourcing for office locations and much more.

We also assist with workforce mobility, ensuring your employees or potential new employees relocate safely and have a smooth transition to their new host country.

Permanent Residency in Singapore

In just 50 short years since its independence, Singapore has established itself as a leading global wealth management hub and maintains it’s position in the world’s top 5-best financial centres. As the benefits of living in Singapore become more apparent, the list of foreigners working in Singapore and then applying for permanent residency (PR) grows longer each year.

Becoming a Singapore resident is a process which usually takes around 6-12 months – opens up many opportunities for you to live, work and invest in the society and economy of Singapore.

Global Citizenship

As the world heads ever more towards globalistaion and common markets become the norm, business minded individuals are trying to find new ways to access international platforms and source new ventures. At  Baxters International, we are fortunate enough to be able to count global citizens amongst our clients and thanks to global citizenship and residence programmes have been able to assist many of them in gaining a second passport to the UK facilitating business growth as well as security for them and their families.

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