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    Announcing a ‘snap’ election has resulted in party members having a lot less time to draw up their official manifestos. Instead of having months to draw up their pledges and promises, the parties have had just a few weeks and formal announcements are expected throughout this week and next. Whilst it is inevitable that we can expect to see the immigration related complexities of Brexit …

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    “An Entrepreneur’s Dream?” “A shot in the arm for the Commonwealth” were just a couple of comments I heard at a Senior Business Leaders Luncheon in Singapore last week, whilst discussing the implications of the referendum result held on 23 June 2016 – commonly referred to as “Brexit”. So two months on, where are we with Brexit? As many of you may have seen, last …

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    Britain’s decision to leave the European Union in the June 23 referendum sparked market chaos. But now that the dust is settling, were the predictions of apocalyptic meltdown overstated, or is the worst still yet to come? We examine what Brexit means for Britain’s relations with the world, as well as its implications for Singapore and the region. Between The Lines Every Wednesday 6:00 PM …